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We are all familiar with distribution blocks. They are an integral part of control cabinets around the world. They are functional and fit for purpose, that’s probably why they haven’t changed in their basic design in many, many years. As for the termination technology, ‘screw will do’ has been the mainstay of the market.

Here at Phoenix Contact, we think we can do better than your average, common or garden, distribution block. We have incorporated our market leading ‘Push In’ technology into our new PTFIX distribution blocks, which then builds in all of the advantages associated with push in technology.

* Speed of termination- push in and you’re done

* One handed termination

* Visible indication that the termination has been made- if the orange release button is below the level of the block body, you can be sure that the termination is completed and contact is made

* The correct retention force EVERY time- no need for a torque driver

* Highly resistant to vibration- no need to re-check screws after shipping the cabinets and they won’t vibrate loose in high vibration applications.

The distribution block are fully compatible with our Clipline complete din rail terminals and utilise the same common accessories such as jumpers and marking.

Phoenix Contacts new Safe Energy Control technology, or SEC for short, is the basis for durable and powerful lightning and surge protection and is backed with a 5 year warranty. The core is the revolutionary spark gap which safely prevents any line follow current. This protects your system, including fuses and arresters. A separate arrester backup fuse is therefore no longer needed in all common applications.

MUX has many different meanings depending on who you are and where you are from. Look it up, it is quite amusing.

For the purposes of this story we will use MUX as being short for MULTIPLEX.

There are lots of ‘Smart Relay’ solutions available today and to be honest it is difficult to choose one from another because they are all very similar and offer the same features.

They all have the same disadvantages too – in that to add more digital or analogue I/O you need more space in the cabinet and if an internal relay fails, or is not man enough to switch the load, you end up replacing the base unit or adding interposing relays – all of which increases the required installation space and adds cost!

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