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MUX has many different meanings depending on who you are and where you are from. Look it up, it is quite amusing.

For the purposes of this story we will use MUX as being short for MULTIPLEX.

In its simplest form, a MULTIPLEXER transfers an input signal form one controller to an output signal on another and in both directions.



At Phoenix Contact, we have a variety of multiplexer solutions for industry. You will be pleased to know we have kept it simple!  Our multiplexers save time and money by utilising either simple cabling or wireless media as a cable replacement with minimal effort.

Installed application examples are :

  • Networked multiplex utilising existing network cables to communicate between multivendor controllers
  • Lift cabling replacements
  • Crane cable replacement
  • Drag chain replacement
  • Slip ring replacement and many more including wireless safety.

This is how its done…

Wired MUXWired MUX

Utilises Interbus between controllers, up to 12km between controllers and more using fibre optic. Modular design/ up to 32 I/O modules per station.

Wireless Bluetooth MUX (up to 400 metres using directional antennae)

Wireless Bluetooth MUX Preconfigured out of the box  – All you need to do is connect power and wire your required signals – SIMPLE!

*16 digital inputs/16 digital outputs/2 analogue inputs/2 analogue outputs on each controller (fixed).



Wireless/Wired Modular MUX (up to 100 metres approx)

Wireless MUXPlug and play solution that allows expansion of  I/O points and includes options for safety over wire or wireless up to SIL3/PLd TUV approved. *Max 4096 I/O points / 63 Bus Segments/500 kbps max.

Yes, safety over wireless…and Yes, it works!

(Illustration shows demonstration stations provided for evaluation)

So now you can MUX with Phoenix Contact!

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